Доктор Александр Ривкин MD

Dr. Alexander Rivkin MD

Dr. Rivkin is in demand throughout the world for his expertise, aesthetic perception and detail obsessed technical mastery. He has personally trained all of the providers at Westside Aesthetics and many of the aesthetic injectors in Los Angeles. Schedule a consultation and see what kind of non surgical transformation we can achieve for you!

Alexander Z. Rivkin, M.D. is an Ivy League educated surgeon and expert in non surgical aesthetic procedures. He founded Westside Aesthetics in 2003 as one of the first clinics in Los Angeles exclusively devoted to non surgical aesthetics. He has grown what was once a small clinic into a world class center for cosmetic treatments, clinical research and education. He is currently an Assistant Clinical Professor at the David Geffen / UCLA School of Medicine. Known for developing and popularizing the Non-Surgical Nose Job in Los Angeles, Dr. Rivkin is an artist and an innovator. He was trained as a Head and Neck surgeon, but has devoted his career to providing patients the transformative cosmetic results they desire without the pain, expense, downtime and risk that comes with traditional plastic surgery.


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