Dr. Mark Kharkover MD

Dr. Mark Kharkover graduated from Pediatric Medical School in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1981. As a pediatric surgeon for more than 13 years, Dr. Kharkover was a leading specialist in reconstructive surgery in the Pediatric Burn Department. While a practicing surgeon, he also participated in extensive medical research and published more than 20 articles. In 1992, Dr. Kharkover received his doctoral degree in medicine with a dissertation on "Different Methods of Deep Burns Treatment and Rehabilitation in Children."

After coming to the United States in 1994, Dr. Kharkover completed his residency in June 2000 at New York Methodist Hospital, affiliated with Columbia Presbyterian Medical System. Dr. Kharkover was certified by the American Board of Pediatrics in October 1991.

Dr. Kharkover is an attending physician in Overlook Hospital in Summit, New Jersey, and JFK Medical Center in Edison, New Jersey.



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