Доктор Маргарита Метрикин, DDS

Dr. Metrikin Margarita DDS

History of dentistry is really fascinating! As a dentist with over 18 years of practical experience, I have had many chances to appreciate a level of modern dental equipment's sophistication and scientific perfection.
So watching how dentistry evolved to this level starting from early days, is truly an interesting and joyful process. I'd like to share with you just few of the images from my collection. I hope you will enjoy these bits of history.

We provide the following dental treatments and procedures: Anesthesia, Fillings (Including White Ones),Bleaching (Teeth Whitening), Gum Treatment, Bonding, Partials, Bridges, Pocket Depth Reduction, Caps, Root Canal Therapy, Teeth Cleaning, Scaling, Contouring, Enamel, Sealants, Crowns, Veneers, Dentures, Whitening, Extractions, X-rays. 

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