Ресторан EuroAsia

EuroAsia Restaurant

EuroAsia is the only restaurant in Los Angeles which offers Russian and Uzbek cuisines. We are located in the heart of Encino on a beautiful plaza De Oro. We have a cozy environment inside the restaurant and beautiful outside patio by the fountain which makes your dinner experience very pleasant. We are the only restaurant where you can taste Uzbek Cuisine which comes from Middle Asia and famous for Uzbek Pilov, Manty, Khanum and Lagman and also traditional dishes of Ukraine and Russian cuisines.

We offer exclusive Russian and Uzbek Kavkazian food, which can only be tasted in our restaurant. You can try a lot of homemade meals, such as manti, chicken kiev, grilled salmon and many more.
Our restaurant is comfortably located on Ventura blvd, at Plaza de Oro with the huge parking lot in rear. We have a nice outside patio, near the fountain where you can enjoy your food and listen to the light Russian music.
Our customers love our food as well as good customer service.
We offer reservations for parties as well as food "To go" and catering.


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