Файнберг, Миндель, Брандт и Кляйн, LLP.

Feinberg, Mindel, Brandt & Klein, LLP.

Feinberg, Mindel, Brandt & Klein is a law firm in Southern California with a reputation for high-caliber legal representation. Our main goal is to achieve the best results for our clients as efficiently as possible.

We are a first-rate staff of attorneys with impressive professional backgrounds who demand top-quality work. At FMBK, we strive to achieve a satisfying resolution to your case with a minimum of expense and frustration. We balance thorough knowledge of and experience in law with exemplary personal service.

All of the attorneys in our firm are first-rate professionals with substantial legal backgrounds. We attended top American law schools. Our partners have many years of experience in their legal fields and bring with them impressive lists of credentials. As we work with you, you will gain a sense of security, knowing that we will handle your issues in a professional and competent manner.


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Похожие компании

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