Halyna Chyrva - Madison Estates

Halyna Chyrva is an asset to the Madison Estates team. She is best known for her devotion and dedication to clients during their real estate transactions. Ms. Chyrva will search high and low until her clients find what they are looking for.

 Having joined the Madison Estates team in 2014, Ms. Chyrva previously worked on Wall Street where she learned the communication and multitasking skills needed in order to succeed in a fast-paced environment. Hailing from Ukraine, Ms. Chyrva studied accounting in college, while simultaneously attending trade school for the beauty industry. Because she’s always worked directly with clients, Ms. Chyrva acquired a high-level of interpersonal skills which allows her to connect with clients and to fully understand their needs.

 Ms. Chyrva entered the real estate industry because it allows her to use all of her combined skills. Ms. Chyrva works continuously to ensure her clients find the right home. Ms. Chyrva currently resides in Dyker Heights.


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