Детский сад Happy Feet

Happy Feet Daycare

Happy Feet Day Care Home is a licensed in-home child care facility, located in Fremont, California. We serve all nearby cities according to the needs of our parents.

We offer day care for children from 8 weeks old to 5 years old. It is affordable and we serve parents who need part-time care.

 We offer preschool curriculum daily that fosters the social, emotional, physical and cognitive development of children. We recognize that children come from diverse backgrounds and not all learn in the same way, so we ensure that your child will get the most out of each day.

 During many years of working in the child care field, it has been my pleasure and joy to share in the growth of numerous children, providing them a safe, loving, nuturing environment, with a regular daily schedule full of fun. In addition, I work with parents to help their child develop to the the best according to their abilities.


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