L V Moving Inc

Started in 2005, I was determined to empower my two young daughters in the business field. The story behind LV Moving Inc is one of the women empower the economy. The letters “L” and “V” stand for the first letters of my daughters’ names. Thanks to our clients, we have been able to expand our reliable services throughout California. With our 11 years of experience, we continue to fulfill our promise; one move with us is a move in the right direction.

All our prospective employees go through special training and face several challenges. Only the best of the best eventually get the job and become part of the LV Moving Team.

Our main requirement for all our movers is to have an experience in the industry for at least 1 year. After passing the test we conduct background checks so only trusted and reliable people become part of our team: that’s why they are trusted to make moving for governmental institutions and high-profile celebrities.


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Похожие компании

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