Nairi Dance Studio

“Nairi Dance Studio” was founded in 1998 where the first studio was created in Hollywood CA. The studio’s choreographer, Louiza Khachatryan, decided to pass down Armenian dance and culture to the younger generation. In the United States where she established her studio, she continued to knowledge her students with her years of talent. The students of the studio perform folk, Armenian, classical, ballet, ballroom, and many international dances. In 2008 Louiza Khachatryan was awarded in Armenia with the “Mesrop Mashtots” medal for her outstanding years of work.
For over 20 years Louiza Khachatryan was the soloist of the Armenian State Dance Ensemble. Her professionalism, gracefulness, and love towards her profession was seen and appreciated all over the world. Nairi Dance Studio’s ballet master, Janna Khachatryan, is Louiza’s mother. She is an extravagant dance teacher for over 55 years in the Armenian Republic. Within the years of her hard work Janna Khachatryan was awarded Armenia’s “Komitas Medal”, where that signified her professionalism in Armenia’s dance community. As a proud instructor she now has students competing all over the world.

As generations pass down, “Nairi Dance Studio” also has a second location that was founded in 2006 in North Hollywood CA. The Studio’s choreographer, Lily Karapetian, who has completed the “Academy of Choreography in Armenia” in 1996 is now expanding and sharing her 20 years of artistic talent to her students. In her completion with the Choreographic Dance Academy, Lily Karapetian was an instructor at the “Armenian Republic Opera and Ballet” in Armenia where she taught Armenian, classical, and characteristic dances for children’s dance academy. Lily Karapetian has engaged her students to love and appreciate the art of dance and the culture of the dances that Nairi Dance Studio offers. The students of the studio perform folk, Armenian, classical, ballet, ballroom, and many international dances. Lily Karapetian put together an outrageous concert in San Francisco in 2015 where her students were brought to joy and excitement to share their cultural dances with a community of different cultures. The studio also prepares an annual concert every year where the students perform their most extravagant dances that shine through the audience due to their hard work and passion for dance.


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