Trans West Insurance Svc

rans-West Insurance Brokers is an Australian-owned and licensed general insurance brokerage firm which offers insurance and risk management services to commercial and industrial organisations.

Founded in 1975 and becoming incorporated in 1979, we are now based in Liverpool in the south of Sydney, and we proudly employ around 30 full and part-time staff whose experience and skills have been invaluable to our success and growth. We have no shareholding or financial involvement in any insurance company and we are 100% privately and independently owned.

You can be assured that at Trans-West, we completely respect the rights and privacy of our clients. We are committed to acting on your behalf without supporting any specific insurers and we are not authorised representatives or agents of any insurance company. This means that when looking for insurance that best suits you, we have a greater ability to source products from the wider market, not just one provider. So you can consider us your partners in business, because we are always looking after your best interests.


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