Union Recording Studio

Union Recording Studio is located in the heart of Hollywood and just steps away from Sunset strip. In our recording studio every project is important and every client is special. Whether you an artist just starting out, an expert, or individual who loves music. At Union Recording Studio we are designed to meet the needs of major projects while remaining accessible and affordable for anyone.We are experienced in all styles of popular music, including EDM, hip hop, dance, pop, r&b, electronic, country, rap, and more.

At Union Recording Studio, anyone can record their own song and make a musical composition at our facility.
If you only have lyrics, we offer technology that will enhance, enrich, and help construct your unique song for the whole world will hear. Our clients have millions of plays on iTunes, SoundClound and Spotify.
Here at Union Recording Studio anyone can create music. With our professional as well as personal involvement your work will be remembered forever!


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