United Armenian Congregation Church

The United Armenian Congregational Church (UACC) had its genesis in the late 1950s when the Christian Endeavor youth groups from various Churches throughout Los Angeles and California enjoyed Christian fellowship and knew each other well. The young people wanted to merge Churches and, beginning in 1959, a series of talks and meeting between the leaders of Gethsemane Armenian Congregational Church and Masis Congregational Church resulted in a proposal to join the two congregations. The merger officially took place in January 1963, and the name “United Armenian Congregational Church” was adopted. About one year later the Armenian Congregational Church of the San Fernando Valley joined the fellowship.

The Gethsemane Church was sold and services were held at the Masis facility under the joint leadership of Pastors Paul Avazian and Senekerim Sulahian.

Numerous sites were considered for relocation and eventually the present property in Hollywood was purchased, with groundbreaking ceremonies in June 1965. Subsequently, Rev. Sulahian accepted a call from the Armenian Evangelical Church in New York, the Masis Church facility was sold, and services were held in The Seventh Day Adventist Church in Hollywood from 1967 to 1969 during construction of the new Church. In February 1969, the present facility was completed and dedicated.


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