What we do?

Matching businesses among our network in order to build new partnerships.

Organizing networking events and meetings to discuss ideas and problems.

Sharing contacts of lawyers, accountants, real estate agents and all those specialists who immigrants need when moving to the US.

Supporting startups and helping them with marketing.

Why do we meet?

Strengthening Russian-speaking businesses.

Creating friendly environment for new immigrants.

Cooperating to earn more money together

Our history

Jan 2016

First meetings, networkings

Mar 2016

Video interviews of businessmen

Jul 2016

Website was launched

Jan 2017

170 000 participants

Feb 2017

New-style of networkings

Mar 2017

More than 500 partnerships with our help.

Why is it interesting for you?

Keep in touch and you will have an access into the community of 200 000 entrepreneurs.

Meet target audience for sales.

New opportunity for your business and partnerships.

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